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Hi I'm Stacey, founder of The Balanced Boss Movement and I'm so thrilled that you landed on my page! I help high performance successful career women learn how to create and maintain life balance through my podcast and coaching program, so they can avoid the overwhelm and burn-out and truly enjoy their success and live stress-free.

So what do I know about being a #badassboss and having harmony and balance? 
Well, my current role is in the C-Suite of an investment company where I am responsible for the company's transformation portfolio, working directly with 5 companies. I am President of the Tech Association for the island of Jamaica; Chairman of the Board for two companies, Director of new Innovation Services Tech startup, and Strategist for two high value companies in real estate and education. 

Toss that around with being a full time Single Mother of 3 amazing children, a Mentor, a published Author and an Entrepreneur. Whew! 

And yep - you guessed it! I travel often, meditate, practice yoga, eat delicious goodness and go to the gym. Do I always get life right? I get better at it everyday and I'm committed to helping other professional women find their balance too...
"Leaders don't Create Followers, They Create More Leaders..."
- #balancedboss- 
Chapter 1: The Creation
I could write the book on "What NOT to do to HAVE IT ALL!!!" and guess what? I did! In my memoir 5 Year Love Affair, I basically chronicle the drama that my life became when I was trying to have a badass career as a tech executive, AND be an amazing wife, mother, sister girlfriend, world traveler and everything in between. So what happened??? I lost it ALL! Well... thankfully not my children. But, I went through a MAJOR life collapse including a critical illness, mental illness, divorce and ended up with significant SST (more on that later). 

Now after countless hours and thousands of dollars on self development books, gurus, conferences, workshops yaddy yadda. You name it, I've done it! I'm finally living the life I was told I couldn't have and working in a career that has me feeling energized and excited EVERYDAY!! Even the not so great ones! I can't wait to share my story with you... 
Chapter 2: The Beginning
But wait! There's more... Not only have I written this memoir, but I've created a NEW coaching program that's for women who have gotten to that point where they're tired of being sick and tired and being a part of "The Struggle is Real" society. You've somehow accepted that never having enough time and being on the hamster wheel of the career driven female is the norm. You can't remember the last time you had satisfying sleep or sex with your man (if you have time to have one) and your time away from it all has become a figment of your imagination.

Are you READY to take back your life and get out of barely surviving mode and become the balanced boss lady you KNOW you are capable of being? If I can be #thrivingaftersurviving breast cancer, divorce, depression and all the ups and downs of being a high powered professional, YOU CAN TOO! I want to share the top 3 secrets I've learned with you so that you can create the peace of mind and freedom that you desire AND deserve...
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